Lil Marvels Siberian Cattery

Raising quality Siberian cats since 2005
Registered in CFA and TICA
Located in Orange, California

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Quicksilver lounges inside the coffee table

Please see our kittens page for the latest news regarding our current and upcoming litters, or to contact us directly for information on reserving a kitten.

Our Cattery

Storm, Colossus, and Attis get fur on our couch Our interest in the Siberian breed began in 2005 with Attis. Our first pet, he demonstrated all the traits that made us fall in love with Siberians. His affection, intelligence, playfulness, and curiosity showcased what the breed has to offer. We raise our Siberians underfoot--in a setting where they are free to interact with the whole gang 24 hours a day--so that each kitten who leaves our home can bring the joy of companionship to others, especially those whose allergies prevent them from having a feline companion.

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